Chosen Charity Champion

Springbank School understands that local charities play a huge role in the Northland community.

At Springbank School, we are very proud to support both local and national charities through a variety of fundraising ideas such as dress up days, BBQs, Market Day Stalls and more.

Every two years, one local charity is chosen as our main “Charity Champion”.  We raise money at school and donate to the charity throughout the year. We also raise awareness of the charity by offering support at local events and promotion through our newsletter and our Facebook page.

Our Charity Champion for 2020 and 2021 is St Johns Ambulance Service Kerikeri

The St Johns Ambulance Service in Kerikeri provides medical support to our community 365 days of the year.

The medical support St Johns provides includes emergency call outs, patient transport to hospital appointments, monitoring of St John Medical Alarms, first aid training, youth group training, and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) instalment and training.

AEDs are a vital emergency unit that can deliver a life-saving shock in just 8 seconds for someone who may be experiencing a cardiac arrest.  People may not show any prior systems before a cardiac arrest, and with the use of an AED machine within 3-5 minutes of a collapse, that person can increase their survival rate by up to 44%.

Currently there are 38 AED machines available for public use.  This covers the wider area that Kerikeri St John Ambulance monitors, from Whangaroa to Pakaraka, also including Matauri Bay.  Of these 38 machines, only a handful of them are available 24/7.

Springbank School would like to support St Johns Ambulance Kerikeri by raising funds to purchase lockable cabinets for as many AED machines as we can.  These lockable cabinets will enable more AED machines to be relocated securely outside, for quick and easy access to the public at all times.

Springbank School acknowledges the key services St Johns Ambulance Kerikeri provides to our community and we are proud to be supporting St Johns with this initiative.

Previous Charity Champions have been:

  • 2019 – Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST)
  • 2018 – Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST)
  • 2017 – Hospice, Northland
  • 2016 – Hospice, Northland
  • 2015 – Foster Hope, Northland
  • 2014 – Foster Hope, Northland