Friends of Springbank

Friends of Springbank is a parent-led group that focuses on projects and initiatives that improve our school and strengthen our school’s community. It is a registered charity that regularly organises fundraising projects, community events and parent evenings.Friends of SpringbankThe aim of Friends of Springbank is to enhance the education of every Springbank pupil, by providing additional education opportunities such as:

  • sponsoring school teams
  • subsidising special school trips
  • organising educational seminars
  • catering for students & parents at special events

Friends of Springbank actively manages or assists with a variety of events including:

  • School discos
  • Springbank Fireworks Extravaganza
  • Talent shows
  • Parent dinners
  • Style evenings
  • Cross country
  • Art evenings
  • Schools plays
  • Prize giving

 rock wall

springbank fireworks show 6

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