ERO Report

Education Review Office 2013 Report

The Education Review Office undertook their inaugural review of Springbank Headstart in August 2013. They were extremely impressed with our unique transition to school programme and we are thrilled to have received an outstanding ERO report.  Some of their comments included.

  • “Teachers work together as a highly professional and supportive team…They respond purposefully to children’s interests and foster their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.”


  • “Children demonstrate their competence as learners and are self-assured in their interactions with adults and other children.  High levels of interaction among children, one-to-one focused attention by adults, and prolonged conversations promote children’s thinking and reasoning skills.” 


  • “The curriculum provides authentic learning contexts for children to develop dispositions as confident learners.  The development of early literacy and mathematics skills are integral aspects of the programme.  Learning environments are attractively presented, with plentiful and high quality resources that are easily accessible to the children.” 


  • “Cohesive and reciprocal relationships with the adjoining school and preschool offer multiple opportunities for centre development and teachers’ professional learning.” 


For the full report, please visit The Education Review Office