Our Teachers

We have two very passionate and highly experienced teachers, both of whom are fully qualified and New Zealand registered teachers.  Our staff are committed to providing your child with a wonderful and warm environment to learn and play within each day.  We recognise that in these early years the foundations of your child’s learning ability, attitude and character are built, and we are here to help bring out their best qualities during their time at Headstart.


Left to Right: Ms Jess Van Weerd and Miss Rosie Palmer

Jess Van Weerd

I have been fortunate to have been the head teacher at Headstart since the beginning of 2015.  I believe that children are creative and competent learners who bring to the world their unique ideas, talents and personalities.  Each child meets developmental milestones and understands experiences at their own pace and special way of understanding.

I believe in setting and developing reciprocal relationships through mutual trust and respect, which can be gained through high quality adult: child interactions.  For these interactions to occur, I need to be aware of each family’s values, beliefs and culture, as well as each child’s strengths and interests.  I strive to protect, nurture and keep every child in my care safe from harm.


Rosie Palmer

I am a teacher highly motivated by children’s passion for learning and life. I believe I have a significant role to play in developing children’s self-understanding, self-esteem and self-reliance that will help them become keen and effective life-long learners. I am enthusiastic about presenting children with new experiences that allow them to participate actively in making a positive difference to the environment and society.

It gives me great satisfaction to see children completely engaged in what they are doing and excited for the next step of their learning. The potential in every child is infinite and it is a privilege to spend some time nurturing their different talents, while developing a strong foundation in numeracy and literacy.