Accommodation & Support


Springbank School is a signatory to the New Zealand Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. International students are well cared for by the International Student Director, Jill Grimshaw.

Each international student enjoys living with an approved New Zealand family. Full accommodation and board is provided for NZ$240 per week.


Because Springbank is typically smaller than most New Zealand Secondary Schools, our international students are always well cared for by all staff and students. At Springbank, International students are treated as special and unique, and everyone is always willing to help at any time.

We support your child in learning English and can provide ESOL support for individual students if required.

If your child’s English is up to the required standard, they can be fully integrated into classes. ESOL support can be provided alongside this, if needed. A visa processing service is available and we also have a free international video interview service.

Cultural Diversity

At Springbank School we have great cultural diversity. As well as our New Zealand students, we have students from England, Korea, Japan, Germany, USA, Thailand, Canada, India, South Africa, Greece and Italy. Our students enjoy interacting with each other in a warm, supportive environment. Your child will feel welcomed into our family atmosphere, and they will make friends easily.