ERO Report

2014 Education Review Office (ERO) Report

We are pleased that the Education Review Office captured the philosophy and culture of Springbank and we consequently received a very positive report. A snapshot of their findings is below:

Springbank School is a small, independent, family operated school that provides a positive and inclusive learning environment for students from Year 1 to 13. Students are actively engaged in a broad curriculum that includes academic and entrepreneurial studies and has a growing emphasis on education outside the classroom.

The school is set in 14 hectares of attractive, well managed farmland in rural Kerikeri, in Northland. The school has had positive ERO reports throughout its 18 year history.

The school’s founding philosophy of ‘learning for life’ is now expressed as the three values of developing student’s confidence, character and capability. These values underpin the goals and priorities identified in the school strategic plan.

Classrooms are well equipped and well resourced. High speed wireless has been installed and is providing students with access to a more global world perspective to enhance their learning. Staff expertise has contributed to progress in this area and is also promoting the increased staff and student use of digital devices.

The development of outdoor education and the digital infrastructure are a part of the directors’ vision for students to access challenging and relevant learning opportunities within and beyond the school. A further aim of this approach is to enhance students’ positive connection to people, places and communities to strengthen their sense of belonging and contribution.

Classrooms are characterised by teachers’ high expectations for learning and students’ high levels of engagement. Teachers’ relationships with students are positive, encouraging and focused on student outcomes. Programmes are based on the Cambridge junior and senior curriculum and also reflect the values of building confidence, character and capability. 

Teachers show high levels of commitment to their students and the school philosophy. They know students and their families very well and are able to plan longer term for students’ on-going learning and development.

To read the full report, please visit the ERO website.