Senior School

Springbank’s Senior School is unique. With smaller class sizes and an individualised learning focus, our senior students enjoy being part of a smaller social group. The supportive, cohesive and positive environment that our senior students create amongst themselves is something that sets Springbank apart. Our seniors encourage, challenge and support one another to inspire success across a range of facets whether it be academia, leadership, community, enterprise, sport or the performing arts.

Springbank Graduates typically form very tight knit friendships that last a life time. By the time our students leave Springbank School, they are confident, self assured young adults with the skills necessary to lead happy and successful lives.

Senior School Programme

In Years 10 -13, students choose an academic programme to suit their strengths and abilities. There is a wide range of subjects to choose from and a Senior Course Booklet is distributed each year to guide decision-making. All teaching staff are extremely competent and committed to each student achieving the best that they can. Springbank has excellent facilities and resources to support all programmes.

Our Senior School programme is innovative and stimulating, with opportunities for individual acceleration, enrichment and self-expression in extracurricular programmes such as:

  • The Young Enterprise Scheme
  • The Science and Technology Fair
  • Community Challenge
  • Inter-school sporting events
  • Outdoor Pursuits Centre
  • Spirit of New Zealand
  • Careers Expo
  • Athletic Academy

Our Senior Leadership Programme is comprehensive, with opportunities to lead as a Prefect and Senior Leader through Junior and Middle School student liaison, lunchtime sport and clubs, fundraising for charities, motivational seminars, community support, Mock United Nations Assembly, regional and national sporting codes, performing arts and other various social events.

Cambridge International Examinations

The Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) begins with a two year International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE) course, examined at the end of Year 11. Students then go on to study A Levels at Year 12 and 13. The internationally benchmarked Cambridge curriculum prepares our students well for life and provides better opportunities in a global world.

Senior Course Guide

Students are advised to plan out their course of study, using the Senior Course Guide subject information. They should consider:

  • Current academic performance
  • Subject strengths and weaknesses
  • Commitment, application and attitude
  • Level workloads and degrees of difficulty
  • Subject specialisation vs diversity
  • Tertiary prerequisites and career goals
  • Enjoyment and interest

Senior Course Progression

International General Certificate

Advanced Subsidiary Level

Art & Design Art & Design Geography
Business Studies Biology Applied ICT
English Literature Business Studies Mathematics
English Language Chemistry Marine Science
Geography Design Technology Physical Education
ICT English Language Physics
Mathematics English Literature Psychology
Physical Education  
Coordinated Science (double)    

Springbank Curriculum (not CIE)

Outdoor Adventure CORE Outdoor Adventure HARDCORE
  Young Enterprise Scheme (Yr 12 & 13)

If a student requires an A2 Level subject in order to gain access to their chosen tertiary course, we will provide it.

IGCSE typically requires 7 subjects, A levels typically require 3-4 subjects. Second languages such as French, Spanish, Latin and German can be available through arranged tutors.