Centre Information

Session Times

Springbank Preschool is open Monday to Friday throughout the year, closing only for statutory holidays and over the Christmas & New Year period.  Opening hours are 8:30am to 3:00pm for a normal day or 7:45am to 5:15pm with extended hours.


What to bring

Your child should come to preschool with a named backpack, lunchbox and drink bottle.  We recommend packing two or three changes of named spare clothes for your child, as activities throughout the day may see their clothes getting dirty or wet.  In summer your child will need to bring along a named hat and we ask that you sunscreen your child before they arrive in the morning.  We will reapply sunscreen at lunchtime.  If you prefer your own type or brand of sunscreen you are welcome to bring your own named bottle.  During the cooler months we suggest packing warm, wet weather clothing and closed footwear, as we do venture outside.

If your child goes on the Forest / Farm walk we recommend that you pack extra warm wet weather clothing for that day, as the walks can sometimes get wet and muddy.  We suggest gumboots as a good footwear option and a sunhat will be required for the walks during the warmer months.


Food and Drink

Springbank Preschool encourages healthy eating. It is important that children have sustainable, consistent levels of energy and a good combination of the right vitamins and nutrients together to get them through an active day.  We encourage foods such as sandwiches or wraps, yoghurt, fruit, vegetable sticks, cheese or humus dip with crackers.

As we are an enviro school we ask that you minimise food packaging where possible.  Nut-based foods are not permitted at preschool as we have some children who are allergic to nuts, so we ask families to please respect this.


Sick Children

From time to time we understand children can get sick, but we ask that any child that has been unwell needs to be kept away from preschool until they are 24 hours symptom free and well enough to participate in all play.  Please inform us about any allergies, food intolerances, restrictions or medical needs that your child has.


Settling In

We appreciate starting at a new centre may be unsettling at first and we are here to offer as much support to both you and your child, during this time.  We recommend visiting preschool with your child at least two to three times prior to starting.  You are welcome to stay as long as you need to ensure your child is feeling relaxed and happy and we are more than happy for you to call us during the day to check on your child’s welfare.


Your involvement

Springbank Preschool is your place too and we welcome you to be actively involved as much as you wish.   If you have an idea, activity or skill you would like to share with the children and teachers please come and talk with us about it.  Throughout the centre look out for our many wall displays and notice boards, which detail the children’s current play, learning and centre happenings.  Your child will receive a portfolio folder with learning stories that highlight some of your child’s activities and learning during their day.  We invite you to look at these folders and add your own interesting stories or comments at any time.  Throughout the year there are several events that take place such as: Matariki, jump offs, sports days, excursions and family BBQs.  These are great opportunities for you to meet other families and enjoy great company.