Our Programme

At Springbank Preschool we encourage your child to be a capable and confident learner.  Our programme is based on New Zealand’s Te Whaariki Early Childhood Curriculum, which is child-directed and teacher-guided.

In our infant room, we believe in doing things at your baby’s pace, giving them room to explore and discover new skills on their own, whilst being close by to support them when needed and to make sure they feel safe and respected.

Our older classroom for children aged two-years and above, offers open-ended experiences for your child to explore their interests further and to foster the development of their emotional, social, cognitive and fine/gross motor skills as their confidence and independence grows.  We will continue to extend their active investigation and curiosity of the world around them.

We also support early literacy and numeracy development through playful ways, guided by the child’s interest and ability, both one-to-one and in weekly group times.  Children look forward to each day; and they are happily involved in imaginative, creative play, as well as real-life discovery learning.