Our Teachers

We love what we do and are committed to providing a great preschool experience for your child. our staff are all highly experienced, enthusiastic, and qualified ECE teachers. They value individual and group learning and care for your child as they would their own. We recognise that as a parent, you are your child’s first and most important educator, and we will create a positive partnership with you to develop your child’s interests and love of learning.

Our Springbank Preschool Teaching Team

Back Row: Jenna, Carrie, Trudy, Kylie and Peta   

Front Row: Nikki, Kayla, Mal and Dania

Absent: Cassie and Nevenka


Full Time Teaching Staff  in alphabetical order

Infants & Toddlers

Cassie McIntyre: Infants & Toddlers Support Teacher

I love teaching preschool children because each one is so individual and lovable.  Watching the children grow, learn and develop is so fascinating and it is wonderful to be part of their journey.  I love the relationships we get to form with the children and the love they show back to us.  It is a joy and a privilege to work with every child in our care.


Jenna Pille: Dip Tchg (ECE) – Head Teacher for Infants & Toddlers

I love working with and alongside children and their families as I enjoy observing and supporting children develop and explore in their own space in their own individual way … It is such a rewarding experience.  I also cherish the meaningful and lifelong relationships with the children and their families.


Kylie McDell: B Tchg (ECE)

Why I love teaching?  So many reasons!  I would have to say however, that the moment when you see a child’s face light up, as they finally master a challenge they have been working on, or discover an answer to an intriguing question, that has to be my favourite reason.


Nevenka Zivkovich: Infants & Toddlers Support Teacher


Nikki Wasson: B Tchg (ECE)

Children have been my passion for as long as I can remember.  I always dreamed about being a teacher and I now get the opportunity, to work alongside our littlest people on a daily basis.  Scaffolding their journeys as I encourage the hopes, dreams and foster their learning fills me with a great sense of pride.  Knowing that I have played a part (even if only little) in preparing them for wherever their life may take them.


Trudy Black: Infants & Toddlers Support Teacher



Three Years and Older 

Carrie Carr-Smith: B Tchg (ECE)

I love teaching in ECE because during these years the teachers role is an active one that involves a close relationship with the child and family.   Children are making discoveries about themselves and the world around them and gaining confidence.  I enjoy being part of this learning journey and making visible the learning that happens during their play.


Dania Norman: B Tchg (ECE)

I love working as a teacher in early childhood education because I am passionate about making a meaningful and positive difference in each child’s life.  I love working together with children to explore the world by encouraging questioning, diversity, caring, and a love of learning.

Teaching is a two way street and children teach us to see the beauty of the little things, they fill each day with fun, love, exploration, wonderment and awe!  I couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling career.


Kayla Gravatt: B Tchg (ECE)

I love teaching because of the meaningful relationships you make with the children and their whanau.  Every day is something different, I get to help children unravel their uniqueness and watch them fall in love with a concept or an idea.  I hope that my teaching can influence a child’s life to help them grow and become confident explorers of their own lives.


Marilyn Ruwhiu: Dip Tchg (ECE) – Head Teacher for Over 3s and Person Responsible of Centre

Being involved in the growth and development of any child is what I am passionate about.  Building authentic, loving relationships with children enables the child to feel safe and nurtured and therefore become who they are truly meant to be.


Regular Relievers

Corinne Smith

Peta Kell