Springbank School is proud of the excellent academic achievements of our students each year. Several senior students have received the Cambridge International Top in New Zealand awards for subjects including ICT (computing), English Language, German, and French.

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards are a group of awards issued by Cambridge Assessment International Education. They recognise exceptional learner achievement in Cambridge examinations around the world. The primary purpose of these awards is to celebrate and recognise the success of high-performing Cambridge learners.

All Cambridge Assessment International Education students are eligible for our prestigious ‘Top in the World’ award. In those countries where Cambridge examinations are taken by more students, a wider range of awards are available, including ‘Top in Country’, ‘Best Across’ and ‘High Achievement’.

Past Award Winners at the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards:
  • 2009 – Alex Bird, Top Mark in New Zealand - IGCSE ICT
  • 2010 – Patrick Deeley, Top Mark in New Zealand - AS English Language
  • 2011 – Leah Claus, High Achievement - AS Level German
  • 2014 – Taiyo Serge, Top Mark in New Zealand - IGCSE ICT
  • 2016 – Isabella Sharipova-Williams, Top Mark in New Zealand - IGCSE French
  • 2017 – Wilson Baker, High Achievement - AS English
  • 2018 – Isabella Sharipova-Williams, Gained Distinction in Speaking for both AS French and AS Spanish
  • 2019 – Mark Michaux, High Achievement – IGCSE Foreign Language German
  • 2019 – Raven Kerr-Allen, High Achievement – AS Marine Science
  • 2019 – Isabella Sharipova-Williams, High Achievement – AS Spanish Language
  • 2020 – Henri Mueller, High Achievement – IGCSE German Language
  • 2023 – Zoe Wells, Top Mark in New Zealand – IGCSE Business Studies

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