Springbank School was founded in 1996 by Sophia and Bob Warren who had a vision of offering children across Northland the highest quality learning experience, focused on success. Over the past 26 years, Springbank has attracted students from all walks of life, who all share the common goal of wanting to grow and develop their personal capability in a fun, social, and supportive atmosphere.

This simple focus, combined with high quality teaching staff and significant re-investment, has allowed Springbank to grow steadily over time. Sustained growth in student numbers has resulted in the introduction of facilities such as an artificial turf, gymnasium, modern information technology resources, specialised science and art spaces, and a multi-use fitness trail.

In 2006 Springbank Preschool was established to cater for the growing demand for early childhood services in our local region, and in 2011 Springbank Headstart was established as a unique transition to school programme for 5 year olds.

Springbank’s past performance has proved that despite our smaller roll and Far North location, our students still achieve success on a national scale. Whilst at school, Springbank students have achieved feats such as the highest national scores for a number of different academic aptitude exams, young sports person of the year, national track and field medal winners, and national Young Enterprise competition winners.

Springbank is...