School assemblies are held in the school gymnasium every Monday* morning from 8:35am by Principal, Mike Warren. All students from Headstart to Year 13 attend, and parents and extended whanau are most welcome to attend as well. Our weekly assembly is a time that we celebrate successful achievements with Student of the Week, specific subject academic excellence awards, sporting results, and successes from extra-curricular events and competitions.

Our Prefect team plays a key role in assembly, presenting the student-based certificates and informing students of upcoming events for the week.  

*Assembly day may vary some weeks, depending on public holidays or other school events.

Form Time

Form Time takes place every Friday at 9:40am for twenty minutes. Form Time is for all students in the Middle and Senior School. They remain in their individual form class, meeting in their form room to discuss goal setting, character strengths, the school-wide focus, nominations for Student of the Week, and general relevant pastoral topics.

Each form class has an assigned form teacher who will stay with them for the entire year.

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