We love what we do and are committed to providing a great preschool experience for your child. Our staff are highly experienced and enthusiastic, with both qualified ECE teachers and support teachers in the team. They value individual and group learning and care for your child as they would their own. We recognise that as a parent, you are your child’s first and most important educator, and we will create a positive partnership with you to develop your child’s interests and love of learning.

Kayla Gravatt - B Tchg (ECE registered)

Paula Warren - B Tchg (ECE registered)

Anna Wilson - B Tchg (ECE registered)

Angela Miller - B Tchg (Primary registered)

Renee Tipene - B Tchg (ECE registered)

Keryn Moffat - B Tchg (ECE registered)

Rosana Alves - B Tchg (ECE registered)

Nevenka Zivkovich:  ECE Teacher

Katrina Peita: ECE Teacher

Emma Gerrard: ECE Teacher

Trudy Black: ECE Teacher

Peta Kell: ECE Teacher

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