When a student joins Springbank School they are assigned to a House Group.  

There are four main House Groups: Dolphins, Orcas, Sharks, and Stingrays, each with their own colour and chants. The House Groups form a supportive network between all our year levels from Headstart to Year 13.  

Throughout the school year students can gain points for their House Group to work towards gaining the top house of the year. At annual school events such as Cross County and Athletics Day, students come together with their fellow house members to dress up, chant and create as much noise as possible to show why they are the best house in the school.  

House Groups give students a sense of belonging, help build friendships with students across all the year levels, and just have lots of fun together.

Check out an intense Tug of War battle between the Sharks and Dolphins at our 2021 Athletics Day...

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