We have a wonderful, friendly, supportive school community. Our students and their families are key to shaping our school into the vibrant place it is.

Our Prefects

Leadership is a key component of Springbank’s learning framework. From an early age, students are required to work in teams, developing their interpersonal skills in a variety of social environments (e.g. sports, class projects, community work), and they are regularly exposed to leadership opportunities.

We believe that leadership starts with self-responsibility. Each student is encouraged to practice making the right choice and be responsible for the path they ultimately choose to take throughout life.

Formal leadership recognition at Springbank starts in Junior School and develops through Middle School. Our Senior Leadership Programme is comprehensive, with prefects selected following a formal application process. Students also have responsibility as House Leaders and form tutors of younger classes.

Our seniors encourage, challenge, and support one another to inspire success. Prefects and Senior Leaders regularly represent the school at formal community events (e.g. Anzac Day), act as ambassadors for school visitors, run lunchtime sport and clubs, speak at school assemblies, and plan various school events (e.g. school ball, talent show, drama productions). Seniors also recognise their responsibility to act as role models and mentors for our younger students (e.g. coaching younger sports teams)

Springbank School's 2023 Prefect Team

Back row: Youssef Awad, Callum McIntyre, Jaluka Clarke (Head Boy), Hunter Blakeman, and Raffy McAngus. Front row: Lucy Spice, Portia Blakeman, Katija Zivkovich (Head Girl), and Briar Booth.

Welcome from our Head Prefects

We are Jaluka Clarke and Katija Zivkovich, and we are your 2023 Head Boy and Head Girl. We were both part of the prefect team in 2022, in which we organised and ran many successful initiatives, grew our confidence, and proudly represented our school. We would both like to say we are so proud and grateful to represent the Head Prefect roles for Springbank School and will make 2023 a great one.

Katija: I started off at Springbank as a baby down at Preschool. I re-joined Springbank in 2019 as a Year Nine. On my visit day, I knew from the second I was here that I wanted to carry on my journey at this lovely school. Springbank is like no other; small class groups, dedicated, passionate teachers who want to do their best for you, and a safe environment for all students to fit into.

Jaluka: It feels surreal to say I only joined Springbank in Year Eight, because this school feels like my home. Throughout my time here I have been continuously blown away by the number of incredible opportunities available to all students, whether they be academic or to just blow off some sporting steam.

This year our goal is to give back to Springbank. After the many opportunities and experiences, we have been a part of, we believe that it is our time to give back to our lovely teachers and fellow students. Together we are ready to work alongside our peers to ensure they have the best year yet!

Jaluka Clarke and Katija Zivkovich

Our Students

At Springbank School our students are encouraged to develop life-long personal values which equip them with the confidence to build and maintain good relationships. A Springbank Student has:

  • Self-belief and practises being confident and capable
  • Practise self-responsibility.  “If it is to be, it is up to me.”
  • Practise integrity and does the right thing at the right time for the right reason
  • Is inclusive and respectful of others
  • Has a positive attitude.  “Attitude is everything.”
  • Gives best effort in all endeavours
  • Is persistent.  Focus and effort leads to success.
  • Is efficient and manages time effectively
  • Plan, prioritise and set goals, and evaluate your progress
  • Celebrates successes and is proud of own and others’ achievements

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Our Families

Our families at Springbank School are positive, supportive, collaborative and family oriented.  They value education highly and are actively involved with shaping our environment.

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Springbank is...