Cadogan Family

To be honest my husband never wanted our children to go to Springbank School as it is a private school. He also said they would spend too much time traveling. They have to take a ferry and a bus to get to school and home again.

However, that all changed the day we went to meet the Principal Mike Warren, and have a look at the facilities.

We wanted our children to attend a school where they could grow not only in knowledge, but confidence, building lifelong friendships in a safe environment.

It was also important to us that there were other opportunities that our children could experience.

At Springbank we found just that. Our children have put their hands up to participate in a number of activities while stepping out of their comfort zone. We couldn’t be happier.

Mike Warren and his staff have a nurturing and inclusive environment where all students are encouraged to succeed, whatever their dream is.

It is a school not only supporting learning the education process, but strengthening the mind and opening up the doors of possibilities, building confident, kind individuals.

We were worried about the step up in the academic side of their schooling. It has been a big jump for both kids, however they have been encouraged by both teachers and students and are taking it in their stride.

Both Grace and Warren are supported to thrive in their learning, feeling safe to give it a go and ask a question, even putting their hand up to ask or answer a question. There is no embarrassment for a wrong answer; this in turn makes it a lot easier to give it a go and ask any questions that they may have.

They are exposed to a new learning environment and are building their confidence in what they are being taught. There is a clear learning plan and homework supports this process.

We find all teachers are genuinely interested in their students. The teachers are approachable, have great communication, and follow up. This, all whilst building an environment of caring and developing the mind so the learning will flow.

Both the principal and staff are very approachable. We find Springbank to be a very welcoming and friendly school with students and teachers ready to support and encourage the Springbank families who attend.

Grace and Warren play and participate in a number of activities including soccer, netball, waka ama, biking, fishing, hunting, surfing, diving, kayaking and skiing. These activities have been supported, celebrated, and encouraged at Springbank School, while also giving them both other opportunities to experience like athletics, participating in the AIMS Games, orienteering, volleyball, community volunteering, fundraising, entrepreneurial skills, drama, and cooking.

Within 5 minutes of talking with the Principal, my husband was convinced that this was the school for us. We have never looked back from those very first 5 minutes.