Camille (Cami), Switzerland – Year 12

My name is Camille and I’m from Switzerland. I really enjoyed staying with the Andrew Family. They were really lovely and welcoming. I really miss them when I think back to the time we had together. I loved being a part of their family and having such adorable host siblings. Sometimes we would have a family movie night, or we would go for a bike ride which was really nice. They also took me on trips to discover the north island and we even went horse riding at the beach!

I also enjoyed helping Paula in the kitchen while she was baking her phenomenal cookies and cakes or making sushi or dumplings. Paula and Conrad were very supportive and also gave me opportunities to do things on my own such as meeting my friends in town or going for a run, which I really appreciated as well. Springbank was a great experience. Especially because it was so different from my school In Switzerland.

Being in Springbank was like being part of a big family. Also, there was a big focus on sports which I really liked as well. In addition, there were a lot of trips organized for the international students such as the surf weekend or the trip to Auckland, which was really cool as well!