Antonia (Toni), Germany – Year 10

Studying at Springbank School, located in the beautiful Bay of Islands, is an amazing experience for me! Right from my first day, I was warmly welcomed and introduced to everybody. It feels like being part of a big family which is definitely one of the things I really appreciate! I also found it easy to make friends, as “Kiwis” are very open-minded and easy going!

But besides the very kind and caring atmosphere, I really love that Springbank gives me so many opportunities to try out new things, I would never experience in Germany! One example is the subject Outdoor Adventure, where we do surfing, sailing, climbing and much more, I couldn’t have done back at home! One of the best aspects of Springbank School is the fact that the school helps you keep fit. It is definitely a great experience and I will definitely miss catching waves at the beach instead of sitting in class!