Foster Family

As a family, we have always enjoyed hosting international students from Springbank School. We have had a number over the years, some staying for a short 6 weeks and others staying as long as a year. We included them in our family events and celebrations and our everyday life in general. Celebrating a summer Christmas was always a unique experience for our northern hemisphere students who could not quite get their head around the lack of snow at this time of the year. Our students loved our family baking and treats. We always made sure the tins were full especially for them! 

One of the highlights was being able to showcase our beautiful country. We had the opportunity to take several our students with us on our family holidays to Rotorua, Taupo, Cape Reinga and many other places. We got to meet some of their parents who came out to New Zealand and enjoyed exchanging stories and experiences. We remain in contact with our past students and one of our children had the opportunity to visit with some of them when she was recently touring around Europe.