McIntyre Family

Springbank School has been an excellent choice for our family for many reasons. We have been at the school for nearly ten years and have never regretted our choice. As a family with four children across a wider age range (from 16 to 3 years old), it is wonderful to be able to have them all at the same school. They are able to cheer one another on and share teachers, events, friends, and experiences in a way that wouldn’t have been possible for us should they have gone to separate preschool, primary, intermediate, and secondary schools. This year we have one child in each area of the school – Preschool, Junior, Middle and Senior, and yet they can all talk together about what goes on at school and support each other in their endeavours.

The academic quality of the school has provided a great foundation for our children’s learning. They are challenged in their classes but also consistently supported and encouraged by their teachers. The teachers are, without exception, always available to talk to, and are proactive around seeing problems and communicating with us to resolve them as quickly as possible. The principal, Mike, knows each of our children well and is always interested in their progress.

We initially chose Springbank because we wanted our children to go to a school that had a safe and nurturing environment. We believe that children learn best when they feel safe, valued, and happy and that has been our experience at Springbank, from Preschool right through to the Senior School.

We love the opportunities the children have outside the classroom. The principal and teachers lead from the front and frequently join in wholeheartedly with events. This inspires the children to give everything a go and fosters a culture of inclusiveness and positivity. As a smaller school, the children are able to join in all the activities they choose without needing to be the best in that field to be chosen. This has led them to trying out all kinds of different activities across the academic, sporting, and cultural spectrums.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Springbank School to anyone wanting a top quality, positive, and inclusive environment for their children’s education.